Looking for a unique gift for that special someone that will knock (and scare) their socks off? How about original monster art from Monster-By-Mail! Here's how it works: You name a monster and we draw it. You'll get the original art in the mail in a week or so. Nothing says "I care for you" or "I wish something would eat your face" like a personalized monster, creature or spook from Monster By Mail!

Starting in 2007, internet-famous artist Len Peralta has been drawing original, one-of-a-kind pint-sized monster portraits for anyone who is willing to name one and pony up some dough. He is now joined by a rotating stable of talented guest artists, all hand picked and curated by Len to uphold the ghoulish, humorous standards that Monster By Mail is known for. Specify "Len" or "Guest" when you order and we will make your monster dreams a reality.

Notable current and former guest artists:

Sunday Williams is most likely the best cartoonist/writer you've never heard of. Her hilarious pen-wash images pay homage in equal parts to Matt Groening, Lynda Barry and R. Crumb.

Mike Peterson, aka Halcyon Snow, is a master of the grotesque, the macabre, and occasionally, the cute. A scary, bearded recluse with a unique watercolor style, he's been called the Bob Ross of zombies.

So get rolling and order your own Monster By Mail today!

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